V2 vs Blu: Which One to Gift to Your Friends?

Gifting is a serious business and esp when you are giving a present to your buddy or peers. Recently, one of the top gifts is the e-cigs. They have become the gift of choice and luxury. And what better gift can there be to a smoker who is trying to quit.?

The following review will guide you to compare amongst the two leading brands of e-cigs to find out which one will suit your gifting needs the best. Alternatively you can also check out the latest pricing and products at their websites. Choose any of the V2 cigs and Blu cigs coupons and promo codes to get added discounts.

  • Depending on your budget, both V2 and Blu can be an ideal gift for friends and family. Both have amazing discounts.
  • Both have got great Blu cigs and V2 cigs reviews, both come at affordable pricing, both have warranty and guarantee for their products.
  • Both give you the benefit of using coupon codes and promo codes.
  • The V2 products have a lifetime warranty whereas the Blu offers its customers only one year of warranty. You can judge by this how much V2 stands by its products.
  • V2 also offers too much variety in color. If you are looking for gift for a friend this may be too much as selecting the right color can be a difficult task
  • Blu gives the option of choosing your own type of battery from any four options.
  • Blu ecigs are very stylish in black and blue hues. In this context they stand out of the pack.
  • Blu packaging is stylish and once you open the pack, it is filled with black and blue colors. When you open the pack, the blu logo springs to life. The packaging is way too cool and unique.
  • The Blu charging case and the pack are small in size. The size is commendable as it is smaller as compared to v2. You can simply carry the packing case in your pocket, if you want to give your friend a surprize.
  • Blu also has the smallest batteries as compared to others available in the market. The V2 battery is quite large and bulky on comparison.

So, there you have it folks, if you are gifting an e-cigerette pack to a friend, the Blu e-cigerette is the winner hands down. Although the cost is too much, if you want, you can choose to buy the V2 or the Blu products online. Choose what you like best and they will give you added discounts and pricing depending on the coupon codes you use. You can also use Blu and V2 discount codes, if you want. So hurry up and order now!

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Vapor Zone – A New E-cig Brand To Enjoy

There’s a new Electronic cigarette brand that had been getting attention these past days. Their products style, wide range of selection, philosophy, and offerings are just too good, we can’t wait to see what they can offer to their users this year. We are talking about VaporZone. Havent heard of VaporZone yet? Then read on our VaporZone review and know more about this really amazing E-cigarette brand. After you read it, for sure you will be convinced to try out the product.

About Vaporzone
VaporZone is the newest Electronic cigarette brand from the very reputable International Vapor Group, that also owns a number of great E-cigarette brands including South Beach Smoke and EverSmoke. The brand is known from their very futuristic look and their engineers and workers had really went to great extreme to make sure everything is done at the highest standards. From the packaging, the design, and the feel of everything. It is evident that this brand is indeed quality at its best.

This is an E-cig brand that was made for advanced users. But there is still a wide range of products that are also ideal for beginners so they basically cover all ground. You will not see another brand who carries such a comprehensive selection of products and option, including 6 starter kits to choose from – each one has a different style of E-cigarette and not just any addition of accessories and stuffs like other E-cig brand’s starter kits. Their Standard Express Starter Kit is a cig-a-like type which is perfect for beginners and the other starter kits are Vaporizer types which are perfect for advanced users and heavy smokers. Each vaporizers are made with high technology that can produce really thick vapor and an out of this world throat hit.

VaporZone Flavors
Vapor Zone offers a whooping 30,000+ E-liquid flavors that you can enjoy mixing and matching, probably one of the largest collections of E-liquid flavors in the industry.. Vaporzone sell their E-liquids separately and is not included in their starter kits (not like other E-cigarette brands around). Each E-liquids cost $14.99 for 30Ml. Though this maybe a drawback, you’ll forget everything about this when you realize that VaporZone has over 50 awesome flavors to offer for you. This is the largest selection of E-cigarette flavors around. The nice thing about Vapor Zone cigs is that you can mix and match most liquids on the market, provided you know how to refill your own cartridges. You can also buy pre-filled liquid cartridges if refilling isn’t your thing. Furthermore, you can also custom blend your own flavors.

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Vaporizing and Marijuana: The Hows and Whys

Nowadays the weed vaporizer is very popular to the users. The weed portable marijuana pen vaporizer is now available with various extended facilities. However, the e-cigs can be used as weed vaporizers. The users have to be experienced to use it fully. Weed vaporizer is the best way to use nicotine as well as legal medical marijuana. It is not harmful like usual tobacco cigarettes. Rather, if used properly then it will be helpful to some cases. This is why we need to know the proper usages of e-cigs as a weed vaporizer.

Why vaporizing marijuana is better than smoking

If you have experienced smoking marijuana before then it will be easier to you to get the point. However, many users still have not heard about vaporizing marijuana. It is a common and simple technique for consuming or using marijuana in a better way. In spite of having different irritating respiratory toxins which is available in marijuana flowers, it can be helpful for your health. However, if it is smoked it will harm you through spreading those respiratory toxins. On the other hand, vaporizing marijuana will let you minus those harmful ingredients from the weeds. The vaporizer of marijuana will allow a user to inhale the active cannabinoids, and the same time from that specific flowers it avoid the harmful elements. These harmful elements are not visible in naked eyes. This is why it is not wise to smoke marijuana.

A vaporizer acts like a heating machine. It will heat the cannabinoids at a boiling temperature. Despite burning the weeds and making large amount of vapor or smoke, a vaporizer pen will not fire or mix up the chemicals in the air as the oxygen burns. However, it is an easy process where you set up the weeds or marijuana flowers to start the vaporizing process.

You will get a number of benefits from this vaporizing. It will eliminate the nasty byproducts of smoking marijuana. Vaping is smell resistant. It will not add any bad smell in your room or anywhere you vape it. In protecting or releasing some short of diseases it helps a lot.

You have to be very conscious in using vaporizing marijuana. It needs some shorts of experience. If you use it properly it will be hygienic for you otherwise it can be harmful as smoking of marijuana. It has a proper temperature to boil and heating up the marijuana. The perfect temperature can be 280°F to 300°F. However, it is proved that exact temperature can work as quick tonic for different pain in your body. Moreover, the marijuana vaporizer will make you feel calm and keep your mind soothed too.

In conclusion, it is necessary to know the effect of marijuana and the appropriate way to use them. Nowadays different type e-cigs, which use weeds and hashish are very common. This is because the relaxing and healthy effect of this drug will come from your wise use.

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Tips For Making The Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Smokers know that cigarettes are bad for their health. But they just can’t help it. Smoking is one of the hardest habits to ditch because of the dependency in nicotine. Smokers have tried different alternative like nicotine patches, nicotine gum etc. But not of them works. Not anymore! There’s a new alternative that’s been taking the world by storm. They are E-cigarettes. Similar feel, similar taste, smoke like water vapor and nicotine without all the other harmful chemicals and carcinogens. This is what E-cigarettes can offer smokers. There’s really nothing to lose and so much to gain so every smoker should switch not. It’s time to make the switch to E-cigarettes. Here are tips that will make sure you’ll switch successfully.

Tip #1: Carefully choose the E-cig brand that is best for you. Much as like the way you choose your real cigarettes, choose an E-cigarette brand that will fit your lifestyle best. Do a research and read E-cig reviews to know the top E-cig brands or ask fellow vapers for recommendation.

Our Top Recommended Ecig Brands: Halo cigs (http://www.pulitzergateway.org/reviews/halo/), Apollo Cigs and Green Smoke (http://www.pulitzergateway.org/reviews/green-smoke/)

Tip #2: Start with a disposable E-cigarette. Disposable E-cigarettes are a great way to try vaping at a very affordable price. Yes disposables produce weaker performance than rechargeable ones and may not satisfy you that much, but at least you get the picture and what is ahead of you.

Tip #3: Go on and proceed to rechargeable E-cigarettes and get a starter kit. Starter kits work more powerful than disposable ones and with rechargeable, you can use it as many times as you want. Many people though are dismayed by the initial cost of starter kits which range from $30-$150. Don’t be. It is expensive because you can use it for over a year! The only thing you need to buy is refill cartridge and that’s only around $50 a month. In reality, you can even save as much as $2000 simply by switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. How great is that?

Electronic Cigarette Coupons

That’s not even the best part. The best part is that top brands such as Halo cigs, Apollo cigs and Green Smoke even offer E-cig coupons for people to get an instant discount in their products. With these Halo cigs coupon, Apollo cigs coupons and Green Smoke coupons you can get as much as 50% off. Check them out now.

Tip #4: Learn all about your e-cigarettes. Read stuffs about it and soak up all the information you can in order to learn how to use them most effectively. Learn about different techniques to keep them in good shape or about how to get the most powerful throat hit. This will be the key on getting the best vaping experience you are looking for.

Tip #5: Don’t be frustrated if you see other people transitioning to e-cig pretty much like a breeze while you are having a hard time. Don’t be too hard to yourself if you get tobacco cigarette cravings and have a relapse from time to time. Transitioning to e-cigarettes is easier for some and hard for others. It varies from one user to the next. This is especially hard if you’ve been smoking traditional cigarettes for decades but all it takes is discipline. If you think switching will be difficult for you , just think of the many benefits of E-cigarettes – healthier life, saving money, greener environment, vaping anywhere you want – just to name a few.

We know how difficult cigarettes are to leave behind. Hopefully these tips for switching to e-cigs have been helpful! We are excited to see the new you!

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Why V2 Cigs Is Still The Number 1 E-cigarette Brand Today

Every vapers probably know it. V2 cigs is the number 1 E-cigarette brand in the industry. Even Alexa.com – an online site analysis website hails V2 cigs as the most visited E-cig website. There are many other great E-cig brands around but V2 cigs have been kicking out the competition for years now because of their superior quality E-cigarettes and unbeatable customer service. Here are some of the reasons why V2 cigs is still the number 1 E-cigarette brand around and why millions of people are choosing it.

– V2 cigs have the perfect balance of high quality E-cigarettes and affordability.
– V2 cigs have an awesome collection of flavors. Their tobacco flavors taste like real tobacco cigarettes which are perfect to make the transition easier (V2 Red tastes like Marlboro, V2 Sahara tastes like Camel cigarettes and V2 Congress tastes like Parliament cigarettes). Their menthol flavors are so refreshing and their specialty flavors like the Cola and Chocolate are like no other.
– Their E-liquids are 100% US made, freshly and tightly sealed and undergo a strict batch testing.
– V2 cigs batteries are powerful and last longer than any batteries in the industry.
– V2 cigs has a wide product line with different types of batteries, different battery sizes, different types of cartridges, different starter kits and wide selection of E-cig accessories.
– V2 cigs provides V2 coupons, storewide sales, smoke4free reward program and many other discounts to make sure that their customers are getting the lowest possible price while they vape.

These are just some of the reasons why V2 cigs dominates. To know more about V2 cigs, read this in depth V2 cigs review at Ecigoloist.com

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Here’s Why Halo Cigs Always Get Positive Reviews

As a vaping enthusiast we are always on the lookout for the best E-cig brands around. We are always updated on their latest products as well as their sales and discounts. We are also all ears on E-cigarette reviews and what people are saying about E-cigarettes. One brand that’s been getting a lot of positive reviews and is consistently on the Top 3 E-cig brands of E-cig review sites is the brand Halo Cigs.

Halo cigs has a strong following because of their superb customer service, bold E-cigarette designs and high quality E-cigarettes that produce thick vapor and a nice throat hit. They also have a wide selection of 25 flavors including tobacco flavors, menthol flavors and specialty flavors such as Java and Midnight Apple. They also value their customers a lot by providing them great support system, on time deliveries and Halo cigs coupons for people to get instant discounts. One thing that separates Halo cigs from the rest is that they offer E-liquid refills. These refills allow people to save more because rather than replacing their cartridges every time, they can reuse and refill it themselves. Furthermore, this gives them more control because vapers can mix and match their own flavors. Another thing that separates Halo cigs from other brands is that they offer not only cig-a-like types of E-cigarettes but also an eGo type which is perfect for heavy smokers and advanced vapers. This is what they called Halo Triton Tank which have a more powerful battery and a larger tank to hold more E-liquids in it.

If you want to know more about Halo cigs, then head over to Ecigologist.com – a leading electronic cigarette review site and read their awesome Halo cigs review. Enjoy!

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Apollo Cigs Reviews Say: Apollo Is One Of The Most Consistent Brand

We’ve been reading a lot of electronic cigarette reviews and trying dozens of E-cig brands for the past few weeks. This is in accordance to our goal to find the best E-cig brands of today. While doing all these, we’ve found an Ecig brand that is often overlooked but is consistently getting a lot of positive reviews. We are talking about Apollo cigs. Apollo ecigs is one of the oldest E-cig brands around. They withstood the test of time with their high quality E-cigarettes, awesome flavors and the way they value their customers. They may not be as big in marketing as top brands such as V2 cigs and Blu cigs and that is why it is often overlooked. But we strongly recommend Apollo cigs for everyone.

Some of the positive Apollo cigs reviews are:

“Apollo cigs smooth performance really stands out from the rest. No need to puff up big to get thick vapor, with Apollo cigs, in just mild puffs, you’ll get satisfying thick vapor”

“Apollo cigs fruity flavors are out of this world. The best in the industry. And their tobacco and menthol flavors are not that bad too”

“With Apollo cigs, every puffs count, not like other E-cig brands that takes a few puffs to heat up and get full performance”

“Apollo cigs Vtube Kit is just amazingly strong and is perfect for advanced vapers who are bored on the traditional cig-a-like type of E-cigarettes. You’ll get a lot of control options for the battery and you’ll get an out of this world vapor thickness”

Check out Apollo cigs yourself and find out if these Apollo e cig reviews are true. We’re sure you’ll never be disappointed.

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V2 Cigs Coupon Codes: How Valuable Are They To You?

v2 cigs coupon two day sale feb 2014 V2 Cigs Coupon Codes: How Valuable Are They To You?

When it comes to high quality e-cigarettes and all its paraphernalia, there is no doubt why V2 cigs is the leading provider of these products in the market today. It just keeps getting better offering more items and more options for e-cigarette users. For so long, V2 has been the most trusted name in the e-cig industry not only for the high quality products that they serve but for the discount coupons that they provide.

So how do you get the coupons?

Before you decide to use them, first, find them at all the right places. With V2 cigs being one of the popular providers of e-cigarettes in the world, it is easy to find stocks just about everywhere. Coupon codes are available at several websites that believe in the power of V2. Once you have found the V2 coupon code, you can immediately use it with a few simple steps.

You simply have to copy the code and paste it in the coupon box at the site where you are ordering V2 cigs. With a click of a button, you can now enjoy the instant savings applied to your most recent purchase. You might think there is no better news than this, and once again, you may be wrong. All the V2 cigs coupon codes do not have expiration dates so you can use them practically all year round. Even during the holidays, when sales are up and about, you can get V2 cigs for much less.

Why the coupon codes?

At V2 cigs, we value your loyalty that’s why we find ways to make it easier for you to enjoy the high class products that we provide. With v2 cigs promo codes, we know that we are sharing with you the experience of e-cig smoking that you will never forget. More than that, we value your hard-earned money that’s why through the coupon codes, we make sure that you get the best value for your money, for much less. The brand itself ensures that you only get the best e-cig items in the market without losing everything you’ve got.

V2 is all about providing a healthier and much less cheaper alternative to tobacco smoking. To save on smoking costs, the coupon codes can be used all year round even with the other discount coupons and seasonal sales. The brand itself provides you with a great way to enjoy smoking without spending too much on something you could not have for keeps.

In this day and age when prices of products that we buy have become even more competitive as the industries get tighter in competition, consumers would truly go for items that are not only good but those that are easy on the pocket too. With V2 Cigs coupon codes, who could deny the huge savings that you could get without sacrificing the quality of the products that you use. The coupons allow e-cig users to continue using the kits, refills and other accessories that will make every experience worth it.

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